The CRADLE² Coalition

The CRADLE² Coalition is an alliance of U.S. public-interest organizations focused on upstream solutions to our waste problems.

UPSTREAM founded the CRADLE² Coalition hands_holding_plantto build a national citizens’ movement to make corporations accountable for waste.  CRADLE² groups are working together to make consumer goods – products and associated packaging – more sustainable by promoting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as the central policy approach for reducing waste nationwide.  With more than 60 organizations working together across the country, the CRADLE² Coalition is a significant driving force behind the passage of new laws to build a sustainable and equitable economy.

Coalition Vision

We envision an economy where manufacturers design their products to use less material, last longer, be reusable, and be recycled at the end of their useful life – turning what was formerly “waste” into the “food” for industry and the next generation of products. Producers provide and finance collection programs, ensuring that every consumer product and its packaging are reused or recycled, providing American jobs as well as using resources responsibly. Government creates a level playing field by adopting producer responsibility for recycling for virtually all products and packaging. American resource and energy use drops dramatically, providing a high quality of living while significantly reducing our impact on the planet.

Our Goals

  • Build the political power to have states pass, and producers implement, policies expanding producer responsibility programs to most products and packaging in the waste stream.
  • Foster better product and packaging design and the creation of new, green jobs in product stewardship.
  • Reduce the need for landfills and waste incinerators and the risk of toxic pollution related to product disposal.
  • Reduce natural resource depletion, energy use and climate change emissions through the implementation of cradle-to-cradle policies, which steward products and packaging throughout their life-cycle boosting reuse, recycling and manufacturing using recycled materials.

Our Success

Since our creation in 2011, individuals and organizations working together in the CRADLE² Coalition have been directly responsible for helping to pass fifteen new extended producer responsibility laws.  Along with our local government allies, we provide critical on-the-ground campaign leadership and public engagement to build support for sustainable product policies. If you are an organization or individual interested in becoming part of the CRADLE² Coalition, please visit our coalition website.