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The Plastics BAN List

[The] growing reliance on plastic to fuel our “culture of convenience” is not without cost. Globally, an average of eight million tons of plastic escapes collection systems, winding up in the environment and eventually the ocean. Once there, sunlight and currents shred plastic debris into smaller particles called microplastics, which attract and concentrate toxic chemicals up the marine food chain and into our bodies… Learn more…
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The Relative Economic Efficiency of Shared Responsibility versus the Principled Application of Extended Producer Responsibility for Printed Paper and Packaging – February 2015

A policy brief by Usman A. Valiante, Senior Policy Analyst at Corporate Policy Group, LLC that discusses the relative economic efficiency of a shared responsibility policy approach for the end-­of-life management of printed paper and packaging versus the principled application of EPR towards the same ends.   Download File »

The American Beverage Industry and the Development of Curbside Recycling Programs, 1950–2000 – Autumn 2012

In this article, Bartow J. Elmore, a Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow in Natural
Resource Economics and Political Economy at the University of California, Berkeley, examines curbside recycling not as the quintessential model of eco-stewardship, but as a polluter-sponsored initiative that allowed corporations to expand their productive capacity without fixing fundamental flaws in their packaging technology.

He further explores the nexus of business, envirotech, and political history, and how American corporations enrolled government agencies to construct resource reclamation systems in the United States that became models for waste management programs in municipalities around the world.   Download File »