Kamal El-Wattar

Kamal El-Watter

San Francisco, CA

Kamal El-Wattar managed software localization companies for 17 years, leading teams in the Middle East, Asia and South America for clients such as HP, Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, Medtronic, Ford and many others, adapting their software for foreign markets. Additionally, he started several international trade service companies over a 20 year span, coordinating manufacturing in Asia.

During 8 years living in China and negotiating with hundreds of factories for clients, he came to understand the critical need for shared responsibility of our environment:  between international consumers, developers, manufacturers, NGOs and government.

He is passionate about endangered language revival, biomimicry solutions to pollution, and global youth education reform. He co-leads the Kamanya Foundation which is dedicated to promoting awareness about the interdependence of all life and helping people more easily convert their personal values to immediate global positive solutions.

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