Mark Hays – President

Mark Hays

Washington, DC

Mark Hays is a Senior Advisor for Global Witness, a non-profit campaign organization that investigates and exposes the links between natural resource exploitation, conflict and corruption and works for policy changes to solve these global problems. Mark works specifically on Global Witness’ campaign to end anonymous companies – companies with hidden ownership that are used as the financial ‘getaway cars’ for corrupt deals that fuel instability, destroy the environment and perpetuate poverty around the world.

For nearly 15 years, Mark has conducted advocacy, research and campaign development work for a wide range of social change organizations, including Oxfam America, the Sierra Club, SEIU, Public Citizen, Greenpeace, NAACP, Corporate Accountability International, and more.

His work has been primarily focused on developing and implementing cutting-edge strategies to pressure corporations to end conduct that harms people and the planet and to empower people to enact local and global solutions that promote more robust corporate accountability, transparency, and sustainability.

As a campaign researcher and strategist for Corporate Accountability International, Mark led development of the award-winning campaigns that sought to protect people’s access to water and realize the human right to water around the world. In 2011, Mark also launched Public Citizen’s Democracy is For People Campaign, an initiative calling for U.S. constitutional reforms to address concerns about the undue influence of money in politics. Mark also served as Coalition Coordinator for the 2012 launch of Democracy Initiative, a new project convened by the Sierra Club, NAACP, Communications Workers of America (CWA) and Greenpeace that seeks to bring together a wide range of membership-based organizations to support efforts to protect voting rights and push back against the negative influence of special interest money in politics.