Matt Prindiville – Executive Director (Ex Officio)


Rockland, ME

Matt joined UPSTREAM in 2011. He is a social entrepreneur, policy expert and campaign strategist who has helped develop and coordinate efforts to advance safer chemicals policy, toxics-use reduction and product stewardship throughout the United States.


Prindiville has nearly 15 years of experience in advancing policies to hold corporations accountable for the environmental and social impacts of what they produce. He brings a wealth of technical knowledge on creating and implementing EPR legislation as well as real-world practical experience in running successful advocacy campaigns, building broad coalitions, and working with stakeholders from every side of the issue.

Prior to joining UPSTREAM, Matt spent eight years as Clean Production Project Director and Legislative Director, for the Natural Resources Council of Maine. He has been at the forefront of initiatives to pass groundbreaking recycling programs for electronics and mercury containing products, the phase out of lead, mercury and toxic brominated flame retardants and the advancement of the nation’s first comprehensive chemicals assessment program at the state level. He has founded and built several national coalitions and campaigns to make industry responsible for the environmental impacts of their products. Most recently, Prindiville developed the Make It, Take It Campaign, a collaborative effort to pressure consumer goods companies to take responsibility for their packaging waste.

He has extensive experience in developing and communicating advocacy messages to diverse audiences, including elected officials, business leaders, the press and the public. He has helped author and pass many groundbreaking laws by negotiating with multiple stakeholders to find common ground while pushing for the strongest and most transformative policies that are backed up with sound evidence and research.