Make It, Take It Campaign

The Make It, Take It Campaign works to pressure consumer goods companies to take responsibility for packaging waste.

Packaging comprises 30% Soda Bottle on Beachof the U.S. solid waste stream, greater than any other category. Most of the materials are recyclable yet most are wasted. Excess single-use packaging is a significant driver of climate change. Plastic packaging is unalterably harming oceans and the base of the planet’s food web. Resource depletion and cleanup of packaging materials are global concerns. Addressing packaging waste presents an opportunity to cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce marine plastic pollution, and create new American jobs.

UPSTREAM convened a core group of organizations working on recycling, marine debris and resource conservation to create the “Make It, Take It” Campaign to pressure consumer goods companies to take responsibility for their packaging waste. We’re collectively working to elevate the environmental and social impacts of waste packaging, put public pressure on consumer goods companies, and educate and mobilize citizens for sustainable packaging policies.

“Make it. Take it.” If you make it, take responsibility for reducing or eliminating its environmental and societal impacts.

Campaign Vision

We envision an economy where:

  • All packaging is designed to be reused, recycled or composted, and is created from sustainable, non-toxic materials, preferably using recycled feedstock.
  • All packaging is reduced to the greatest extent possible before products arrive in stores.
  • All spent packaging is either reused (providing ongoing value), recycled or composted (becoming the raw materials for new products).
  • Litter and marine debris from packaging, especially non-biodegradable plastic litter, are virtually eliminated.