Steven Sherman – Treasurer

Steven Sherman

Berkeley, CA

Steven, a resource economist and consultant, is a leading technical and policy expert on the management of municipal organics such as food scraps and yard trimmings.

Having worked on municipal organics program development since the late 1980s, his consulting, research, operations, policy, education and training efforts has helped to lay the groundwork for food scraps management as a cornerstone of zero waste and advanced recycling efforts taken by local governments.

Several of his clients, including San Francisco, Portland, and Alameda County (CA) Waste Management Authority, have won state and national awards for their leadership in organics management (e.g., food scraps composting and anaerobic digestion, plastic bag restrictions, landfill bans, mandatory source separation of organics from trash). Steven was co-founder and policy director for the California Organics Recycling Council. He received his B.A. from Yale College and M.S. in Resource Economics from Cornell University. LinkedIn