Tamar Datan

Tamar Data

Leesburg, VA

Tamar is Executive Director of TrueSpark, a nonprofit that teaches character to kids and principal of Tamar Datan Consulting which specializes in philanthropic and non-profit consulting. Prior to launching her consulting practice, she held executive positions in national and international nonprofits, from small start-ups to large established organizations. From 2006 to 2011, she served as Executive Vice President of the Amazon Conservation Team, overseeing the growth of ACT’s annual budget from $3M to $6M. Previously, she was Vice President of The Nature Conservancy and Director of its Compatible Ventures Group, where she advanced sustainable economic development in communities nationwide. She also served as Venture Fund Officer with The Pew Charitable Trusts, where she established a number of new start-ups in the fields of education, civic engagement, and economic development, in collaboration with public and private partners. Tamar holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s Degree with honors from Swarthmore College. Off hours, she loves to be outdoors — hiking, running, biking, gardening, camping, canoeing and more. See Tamar’s website.

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