By 2020, we are working with our partners to achieve the following:

  • 3 major corporations make significant reductions in harmful plastic applications.
  • 6 major metropolitan cities develop and implement action plans to reduce plastic pollution and climate emissions, boost recycling and grow jobs.

  • 3 states pass groundbreaking legislation requiring companies to finance the reduction, reuse and recycling/composting of their packaging.

  • 3 million+ Americans participate in campaigns to change how we use plastic.

UPSTREAM brings together non-profit, government and business leaders to solve the environmental problems caused by products and packaging.

We believe the solutions are often found upstream with the companies that design, produce and profit from environmentally harmful products. Our current focus is on developing sustainable packaging systems and preventing plastic pollution.

By developing and advancing state and local policy and corporate responsibility, UPSTREAM works to drastically reduce the amount of disposable plastic polluting our planet and impacting our health.  We act as conveners and provide strategic leadership to develop and implement collaborative campaigns and projects across sectors and organizations.