UPSTREAM works to replace today's throw-away society with tomorrow's culture of stewardship. By engaging business, non-profit organizations, scientists & policy-makers, UPSTREAM works to reduce the amount of disposable plastic polluting our planet & impacting our health.

Starbucks: Break Free From Plastic

We are leading the global campaign to demand Starbucks utilize more environmentally responsible products & create a waste reduction plan with over 20 partnered NGOs.

Better Alternatives Now: BAN List 2.0

We have collaborated with partners to analyze the most polluting plastic products in the United States as a call of action to utilize the best alternatives.

Unpackaged Delivery

We are revolutionizing food & consumer product delivery with disposable packaging minimization, reusable packaging systems, & producer take-back for all non-reusable packaging for recycling.

Connect the Cap

We are working on holding industry accountable for plastic pollution with California legislation that will require plastic bottle caps to be tethered to their bottles. 

Global Toolkit

The online Global Plastic Reduction Toolkit online web portal will serve as a comprehensive set of resources to propose, pass, and implement legislation to regulate or restrict single-use plastic.

Plastics & Health Forum

UPSTREAM is organizing a conference to engage leaders in public health, marine environment, environmental justice, medicine, business, and policy in recognizing plastics as a human health threat.

Cities Innovation Project

We convene and support city governments to develop and implement best practices and action plans to reduce plastic pollution, boost recycling, and grow jobs.

Packaging Reduction Policy

We work with state and local governments to reduce waste before it is created. This includes work on extended producer responsibility and packaging reduction policy.

Plastic Pollution Prevention Project (P4)

We lead and galvanize a national network of non-profit groups to expand collaboration, eliminate duplication, and drive changes in the system causing plastic pollution, including developing standards to change how plastics are used and putting pressure on corporations for action. P4 is the U.S. hub of the global #breakfreefromplastic movement.