The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself, and without losing the right to be called civilized.
— Rachel Carson

Want to make a difference statewide? A critical component of impacting your state legislation is knowing your House & Senate representatives - you can locate yours by zip code here. Your state legislator has been elected by your district to turn bills into laws. No matter where he or she stands on plastic bag taxes or bans, it is his or her job to represent your community in Congress.

If you have concerns about plastic pollution in your local area:

  • Draft an email outlining your concerns. Ask what your rep is doing environmentally & if he or she is working on a campaign you support. If not, create one.


  • Engage your community. For example, if your town is experiencing an issue with cigarette butts, see if you can arrange a meeting with your rep about designated smoking areas or new ashtray locations. If you keep seeing straws in the riverbanks, you are probably not the only one. Form a group with shared interests to determine a mission & get your rep behind you.
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  • Struggling to get through? Keep calling. If a representative gets 3 calls about an issue, they are obligated to address it.


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